The Zwarte Valk has its berth in Makkum. But we also offer the possibility embark in Harlingen.
Harlingen (tidal harbour) lies on the shores of the Waddenzee, Europe’s largest nature reserve. Makkum (non tidal harbour) is very close to the locks connecting the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee. The IJsselmeer only exsists since 1933, that’s wenn the dam was finished and the  Zuiderzee became history.

Enjoy wind and water.
Discover the great history of the  small harbourtowns.
Mooring on a sandbank.
Sail past the seals and if we’re very lucky even whales .

In the evening stroll across the beach and the dunes.
Under the sweeping eye of the lighthouse.
Have a drink on a terrace overlooking the water and harbour.
We love to tell you about the best places.