In september 2006 the Zwarte Valk moved from Almere to Harlingen. There we have her put ashore and started the big dismanteling. The masts taken down and the wooden deck-house torn down. The hold emptied, even the engine is out!

In juli 2007 Arjoderik and Karst have started rebuilding the Zwarte Valk.
The steel hull to begin with.
The whole ships bottem is renewed, then the deck-house; it can only be fully closed when the new plastic watertanks are delevered. Furthermore the railing, aftermast and its footing are renewed and the aft deck has gotten a large hatch to get the engine in the engineroom. In front of the deck-house benches are built so we have a comfortable sitting area. All portholes are new and in the deck new openings are made for the entrances and windows.

In april 2008 the steeljob is finished and the Zwarte Valk was to feel water again, after one and a half years of drought. As the engine was connected and tested the first trip was to the sander. There all the old paintlayers and rust is removed. What an incredible sight, the whole ship silvery grey! It’s a shame she can’t stay this way… After that the Zwarte Valk is sprayed in new paint. First 2 layers of priming and eventually brown, white and black. Finally we got our new ship!
Shining paint, the masts back on and the anchor on the bow.

The last fase of the refit is the renewal of the interior. Our carpenters, Willemien en Siebe, Jeroen en Jouke, took over the ship. We have a hard time adjusting. For a year, we did almost everything by ourselves.
The hull has been greased and isolatid and water- and heatingpipes and electric-wiring has been layed out.  Then we started building the basics for the walls, the walls also contain wiring and piping.
I was so disapointed as I saw the space for the front cabins. It doesn’t fit in with the lounging concept. After a few sleepless nights the saw was taken at hand and the amount of passengers cut to 16. It created 4 spacious cabins without bunkbeds!

For the finishing we chose to use oak. That’s quite an experience to buy 3 trees! They have been sawn to slices and have been ‘watering’ for a few years, waiting for their new destination.
Two of the trees were on the compound of the waterleidingbedrijf in Zwolle and one in the garden of a baron in Vollenhove.
Our carpenters made beautiful doors, doorframes, beds and plinths out of them. But also the steps and tables. All thick and robust.
All the wood with a few layers of lack before it was placed. The last place to be done is the lounge, couches on the one side and the kitchen on the other.  The granite dress is placed and also the granite plates under the washing bowles in the cabins.
In the table next to the couch a marble chessboard is embeded, thanks to Jeroen!
The last weeks before the maidentrip we made extreme hours, always from the early morning sometimes till deep at night.
With all the help we could get we managed to recieve the first guests on september 19!
We owe many thanks to:

Nanning, Karst, Jeroen, Johan, Emiel, Joop, Willemien, Siebe, Jouke, Frans, Onno, Sander, Anne, Micky, Heit en Mem, Anke and everybody who supported us mentally!

Without you we would never have succeeded!